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Originally Posted by FoxFX
I can be a mathematical maniac at times so I think about what skills each class has, how skills work, and how the formula for each skill is done. I also take in consideration on future content coming in for the game, such as the new area that is said to bring out a better challenge for higher level players. I may have an idea on what monsters and quests we can be expecting, but as for what the pure buffalo class have, unless with good equipment, they will have more trouble in future and higher level content.

When using a hybrid class, they cover up some of the weaknesses that a pure class has (if I'm not mistaken). Many of the Pure classes however seem very well developed now, but from what I've heard from these forums about classes, pure buffs (yes, they are mean to be physical aoe masters, but they seem to lack some of the better aoe powers that coons have [and will soon get]) they need just something more to be on equal par with other classes.

But as for now, its best to advise our new players of Trickster who want a pure buffalo to go for hybrid for what is to come. Like I said again, "pure buffalos fail" is just my opinion.
nothing really fails in TO. it isnt a game where you need optimum stats and skills to be good. like many people know you dont have to be able to overkill everything you come across by 10k damage. if one knows how to play a class or even if they just enjoy the class than that is enough for someone to play it.

as far as the "new content" is concerned it is unlikely that we will be getting any of it any time soon. some of the content isnt even set in stone. speaking of new content there are new uniques, town sets, 4G, and other equipment comming into the game that are designed to balance out the lack of support for all classes.

speaking from an analytical point of view it is hard to come to and objective conclusion about the future of TO gameplay because of the lack of patches that actually update game content, the general unbalance of gameplay, and the lack of info concerning future updates for eTO. Oh and if you havent noticed we havent really seen the stats on most upcomming skills for the classes and some of the formulas in wiki dont even follow order of operations(at least many of them didnt on MT)

im not sure what you are basing the future of pure buffalo's, but so far i havent seen any concrete evidence to say either way. if you are using this thread to base your assumptions than your taking into account mostly rumor and imcomplete evidence.

try not do discourage new players from playing a buffalo jsut because of you opinion with the class. give your opinion but no in a way that denies them theirs. if you are a calculating person you should stay more objective in your ideas.
i dont think anyone has a problem with your opinion just they way you present it to the newbies and oldies that may want to try it out.

if you really want to criticize pure buffalos start a rant rather than posting the same thing on various topics. at least if you do it that way you will get less replies to the contrary.
thats all ill say on the matter from now on.
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