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Originally Posted by FoxFX
before i start any game, i look over vids and forums on classes.

I'm a very careful player while choosing the best class for me. I just find the pure buffalo class to be the least favored, and I was right from what I've seen. And from what I've heard from the future upcoming patches, all buffalos are ever going to get are aoes while other classes get some more stable support. So you see, I've never played a buffalo (my only char is a bunny), unlike some of the pure buffalo players flamming at me I'm just the calculative thinker. XD
Im a calculator too who often plans builds/EQ/and stats way beyond 3rd before I even start playing a character(im way to analytical TT_TT). I have also played each character regardless of its drawbacks. Each character and each person has their own method of play.

Buffalos are AoE specialist that sacrafice power for multitarget skills. Some will like that style and some wont. If you dont like it dont play it, but by the same token dont try to discourage other players from trying it out for themselves.
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