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well ok I can give an example last night I decided to go on a digging crusade lol. I was digging in the red crop field just right of yong gong the map with the black beetles. I unearthed 3 things while digging on my lvl 37 knight. Everytime i hit the "mob" with my shovel i was doing between 10-15 damage. I estimated that it took about 200 dmg to kill each time give or take before i got a drop.....

Now I didn't get anything great lol just a coupe food items (pinnaple fried rice and black been noodle soup...or something like that lol) and an emote book.

I also.....kinda mapped the movement.....and the areas most likely for the "mob to move next. on that one map anyway.

BTW your right abstract in fact you may have made the dig site smaller than it is its quite a large square that you can dig in and hit the "mob". I usually run while digging and hit the shovel ever second or so it send me across a map rather quick and I don't usually miss a dig site i rarely have to go back and find one I missed(referring to my pitiful yet effective attempts to map the red crop field)

Another thing, i do believe that STR has an effect cause my knight did 10-15 each time but my wizard can hardly break 3 dmg each im pretty sure that STR is attributed to how hard you "dig" the "mob".

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