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Originally Posted by DemiGodDanzig
yah,a bot would be good
i hand uploaded all the card images,took forever
i had nothing to do so meh
allright,let me try to get this and ill get to it

EDIT: ok,so i did just [[Image:LU_img_Slime.jpg]]
then i uploaded it,and it goes to upload it,but on that page
not in the page with all the info

can someone just give me the full code on what i would put?
i get how [[Image:LU_img_wolf.jpg]] works,so i can manipulate it just fine to get it to work,
i would just like a full example of what to put
I think the correct name is [[Image:LU_Slime.jpg]] and [[Image:LU_Wolf.jpg]]. With wolf capitalized and without the img thing. I thought about making a function for the bot to get the images from the old MT and upload them to MOG wiki, but i didn't have time. Now it seems that Lunia wiki needs this too. Maybe when i will have some time i will make this. But until then just upload manually :P

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