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Originally Posted by aLo
Vkei people always have epic hair. And the gazettE are my favorite jrock D:... Reita is so hawt x3... and Bou is just cute .

Well, vkei/lolita style clothing is just expensive in general. They do sell some in Canada, but usually those people make it themselves and sell it to you. I remember in Calgary there are people that make it, I have a business card from them somewhere in my wallet... I'm guessing if you want that stuff, you have to be willing to spend money on it. I wanted a cute lolita outfit and it was $75-100 for the top and around $100-150 for the bottom or as a dress was around $400 or more.
When you find the info, tell please :0

That's not bad compared to my normal clothing my normal clothing is like 50-70$ anyways