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Originally Posted by Yoruhime
Wow! That's so cool. I can never do any realistic drawing. That's like one of my major weakness.. ;[

Again, awesome drawing. <33
I've only been (seriously) drawing for bout 1.5 years, but when I first started, I wanted to be able to draw anime. It's kinda ironic that as I progressed my style became more and more realistic. Nevertheless, I'm happy that it turned out this way since I'm starting to appreciate realism more and more.

As for my weaknesses, I'm kinda bad at full body poses and clothing ideas in general. And I always have a hard time drawing guys. If I give them short hair, something seems empty; if I give them long hair, they all start to look like traps.

@Max: I'm imagining the guy on the left headbutting the guy on the right. Sounds painful with his pointy hair and all. XD

@Rreiss: Haha, I have no paint skills whatsoever. I don't have a tablet so every time I try to draw something in paint/photoshoop it comes out pretty bad. ;o