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Life Overload -.- (This never happened to me before..)
Add details to gym questions (12 Minutes..)
Get 4 more community hours (K I have lots of months to do this)
Cut the inside of a barret (3 Minutes..)
Finish some anime series (25+ Hours)
Finish Science Article before Tuesday (15 Minutes)
Soccer Game on Monday
French Homework due on Tuesday (10-33 Minutes)
Study Gym (30%) Test on Tuesday (50 Minutes)
Finish the wiki conversation and updating wiki on free time (5 Hours+)
Music Practice (Must go at least once a week - 20 minutes)
Study for Music History Test on Wednesday (40 Minutes)
Study for gov't quiz on Thursday (25 Minutes?)
Review some match concepts for Thursday's test (10 Minutes)
Study for conditional, imparfait and future proche due on Friday (easy, except for some irregular verbs, 20 Minutes)
Finish a Powerpoint presentation (French) due on Friday + 1 sheet what it would be like to be in that job (1 hour 15 mins)
Find time to go to IT desk to add a icon to a pinnacle account (2 mins)
Talk to receptionist to change sports before second term (k I have 1.5 more months to do this)


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