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Default How to: Use Member Reputation

Before we begin here are some important things you should know about our reputation system:
  • As of April 11th, 2011; you'll no longer be able to submit negative reputation to anyone.
  • Neutral Reputation is worth 0 points; Any reputation you give to others will always be neutral if you:
    • Are currently under 50 Posts
    • Currently have neutral reputation ( 0 Points)
    • Currently have negative reputation ( -1 Points and lower)
  • You can still add reputation to someone, even if they have their reputation hidden
  • If someone sends you a vulgar or racist comment, you can report it to staff and it will be dealt with accordingly
  • Reputation is always anonymous!
    • For privacy reasons only Operations and Management can view the name and details on reputation only when necessary


Because of the removal of negative reputation, information has been revised to reflect this change.
The system has more or less become a "Thanks" system, so use it with that intended purpose.

Reasons to give Positive Reputation -
  • If you had a question, and someone gave you the correct answer.
  • If a members post helped you out in any way.
  • If a member made a nice contribution. (Guides, helpful tools ect.)
  • If you strongly agree with their post/opinion

When you wish to thank someone or show some support, click the reputation button -

Sending Positive Reputation -
I approve has already been selected for you, all you need to do is type out your reason.

After you click Add to Reputation, the user is notified and can see your reason in his/her UserCP.

Understanding the color in the UserCP

- Positive Reputation received that adds points based on the providers reputation power.

- Neutral Reputation that does not affect your current reputation. Neutral rep will always remain neutral.

- Negative Reputation which takes away from your reputation points based on the providers reputation power.
  • Negative Reputation received after 04/11/2011 will deduct exactly 1,000 points.


How do I know my reputation power?
Sadly there is no simple way to view it, some basic math is involved to calculate your power.
  • 180 days after registration gives +1 rep.
  • Every 100 posts adds +1 rep power
  • Every 50 rep points adds +1 to rep power

Join Date: 01-15-2008 (1380 Days ago)
Total Posts: 5,159
Current Reputation: 3,445

(1380 180) + (5159 100) + (3445 50) =
Exclude anything behind the decimal point, then add it all up.

7 + 51 + 68 = 126 Reputation Power

Understanding the Green/Red Boxes in members profile -

For every set number of points you have, you'll have a visual representation known as a "pip" under your avatar.

By default you start out with 10 reputation points which provides you with 1 green pip; as you slowly start to gain or lose reputation, the number of pips under your name will change accordingly.

The number of pips you receive depend on your current reputation points, green pips are received when this number is in the positives; likewise red pips are received when further down the negatives.

Every 100 points will add a dim pip /
Every 200 points after receiving 5 dim pips will add an additional bright pip

If you have exactly 0 reputation points, you'll have the neutral pip ()

Disabling/Hiding your Reputation -

If for any reason you wish to disable reputation simply go to the UserCP -> Edit Options and deselect the "Show your Reputation" checkbox.

Your green or red reputation will then become a black box () indicating that you have hidden/disabled your reputation.
You can still give reputation to someone who disabled it, but it won't display until the user re-enables it.

Just recheck the box to display your reputation again.

All information is accurate as of October 27th, 2011.

Thanks for your time,

+Rep if I help you. | Guides: Lunia's Client Editing Guide / How to ggFTW!

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