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Originally Posted by bor45
In the game, it says that you need lvl 10 in millionaire dream for rare item, then lvl 10 in rare item for treasure master, then lvl 10 in treasure master for gold rush... which one is wrong?... (if the game is, I'm resetting in a heartbeat.)
The wiki/this guide are wrong.
All the skills in the money/item branch have lv10 skill requirements, not level 5.

Also, about the ely build thing; I personally wouldn't recommend it. The evasion tree has so much more to offer.
If you really have trouble with money, you could do what I did, and start out with a build that forsakes the masteries for the ely/item skills. At level 50 I resetted, because I had enough ely to support me for a loooooong time, and I was kinda starting to need the extra damage offered by the mastery skills.