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Originally Posted by Miyuki
Did you tried restarts your modem yet? Try this

- First, can you directly go to first?
- Temporary disables any antivirus and firewall and try again?


- Any files with files
- Launch again


Tried clears your Internet Cache? Use this tool:-
- CCleaner - Home
- Download and install, run the program
- Use the Clean function.

Next, if you're sure your TO client is up to date

Opens up NotePad
- Type these
@echo off
START Trickster.bin Trickster.exe
- Then click on "File->Save as"
- Type "launch.bat", without the quotes in FileName
- Select "All Files" at "Save as Type"
- Then place it in your Trickster Online folder.
- Launch it.

Suspect something? Post your Hjt log here.
Can You give me the direct site for the CC site the direct one to download