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Originally Posted by Frosty
you can sub slot some pin so u don't activate the wrong thing. its call (B) sub-slots, you get it from quest or buy from shop i forgot.

my fav is track 17 just the start bit tho but it would be so good without the vocals imo.

jellyfish pin thing is so hax lol if u get a battle with all the monster in a group. thats the best one i have or im just too lazy to try out other ones. J of M (slash/uppercut) & D+B (ice/psyc)pins are pretty good too.
I finally took a hard look in the pin's screen help tab and saw the sub slot istructions on the last day, it made the battles easier.

My best deck, which I used mostly for bosses, has one of the J of M multi slash pins and both D+B ice pins. One of the pins I love, is the one where you draw a circle and a big rock falls there, doing pinpoint and splash damage.

My favorite clothes to wear for bosses is the Lace ribbon dress, true no PP gain, but HP regeneration FTW. (plus I like the lolita style)

*I've finally went and beat the game, now I will be getting the reports at a slower pace. I wish they showed Shiki's living apearence more in the ending.
*I was not near my DS when I was writing.
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