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Originally Posted by Parity
lol@hybrid past 60
lol@ely build
lol@no evasion tree, at all

and lol@only 1 skill build
lol @ ignorant post

1: Hybrid is possible past 60 and it is a choice made by the player. Some people apt to have more skills over critical or money making paths, simply because having a lot of skills is pretty damn fun. Past 80, it may be unwise, but past 60 is fine.

2 & 3: The evasion tree leads to two things, back-stab tree, and critical tree. Obviously you don't know what a work in progress is. For now the ely skill build is there for the sake of those who want to make money. And it's not just a minor gain in money, gold rush alone can make a leveling session go from 100k, which you spend entirely on pots, to 300k and more.

4: See the fact you don't realize what a work in progress is.

My Comments toward the guide: I am extremely grateful that someone is owning up and making a guide of their own! However, will you be detailing each skill out later?