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Originally Posted by Kadeshi

ok let me get this straight, i already said 4 times in this thread, fight people of your own level.
if you are a lvl10 fight someone near lvl10 in free
if you are a lvl20 fight someone near lvl20 in free
if you are a lvl30 fight someone near lvl30 in free
if you are a lvl40 fight someone near lvl40 in free
if you are a lvl50 fight someone near lvl50 in free
if you are a lvl60 fight someone near lvl60 in free
if you are a lvl70 fight someone near lvl70 in free

Did i made myself clear this time?

if you are making a secondary char, just get it to a decent lvl and get back to the real fights...
But why should I? What if I'm level 20 and I WANT to fight a level 60 in pvp? Say we have the exact same skill except for the level difference and this fight took place in free. Who would win? The level 60 would and it is only because they've got 3k hp with their equips and beat me thoroughly in one combo. Now, if I was in balance in the same situation, the fight would go differently because I would not have the hp of a level 20 which is 500 or so, I would have 4 or 5k while the 60 has the same amount.

So what's fairer?