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So effort invested into learning how to pvp better as opposed to grinding is in no way comparable, and the latter is always superior to the former? It's certainly no coincidence that most of the better pvpers are lower level than their grind oriented counterparts.
Getting to higher level and learning how to pvp are two different type of skill. One is playing a lot and working hard on your character and the other one is natural and developed skills. Not everyone have crazy reflexes and fast reaction for the fast pace combos which is why level matters in free pvp. You can either spend your time leveling your character or practice your combos. Both will determine the winner in free.

You assume too much. And you're also forgetting that neither allm or TFT did much at all.

I never said anything about what *I* think is unfair, but what is unfair in the eyes of the company. I can justify that they do in fact think it is unfair as it is explicitly stated in most such company's TOS that hacking/glitch exploitation are possible grounds for account suspension/deletion.
Still lots of other online games have other things like yeti plat. For example, I remember people were paying others to get yeti mats so they can level up their lime fast. In Maplestory, I would buy tons of exchange quest material to level up extremely fast on my nooby character. Also in Combat Arms, which is heavily on clan scrims, there is a mode where you grind by yourself to get lots of gold and exp like 10x faster than normal battles.

Yes, hacking and glitch exploitations are grounds for account suspensions. But hacks and glitches are defined by the game company that runs it. If allm and TFT did not see yeti as a glitch, then it is not one. If ijji sees it as a glitch, then they should say so and fix it up.

what i see from ur posts, kadeshi, and dragonfly, is that lowlevels shouldnt pvp. they shuld yeti/raid until lvl 60 and then start pvping.
They should pvp or stage. But if they pvp, why would a level 20- want to fight someone who is level 60? If you want to pvp, go ahead and pvp someone your level. Thats what everyone has been doing in free. I see all these rooms where its like level 1-10 or level 45+. The leader of the room can pick the level range for that room and it would be fine.
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