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fight people my same lvl?

the average sieg at lvl 58ish has 1k more hp than me.

that means 3k hp more after considering the 3 lives

and just so you know... if u support free, no one would make a pure pvp char.

my wiz got the 7th degree pvp set at like lvl 45 and my stats were still terrible. but in balance i didnt really need to care about my gear as much so i was able to fight people lvl 60 like velo and win(he still does more dmg than me but waaaay more balanced out) but in free i lose to EVERYONE who has decent pvp abilities.

what i see from ur posts, kadeshi, and dragonfly, is that lowlevels shouldnt pvp. they shuld yeti/raid until lvl 60 and then start pvping.
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