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Originally Posted by Godbot3000
You missed the point once again: That yeti abusers would be able to get BETTER equipment overall is clearly unfair who those who do not abuse it. And the fact still remains that it is an exploit, which is unacceptable to the game company. Whether the community accepts it is irrelevant.
The yeti plat has been there as long as I remembered and it was never fixed. Meaning the game company doesn't see it as an exploit but just a way to level grind. Almost every single online game I have played, there is always a stage or mode to grind your level. And in almost all those games, there will be people who would complain about this being unfair.

How is it unfair? Is it unfair because you think games should be fun the way you think it should run? Some people enjoy pvping, others enjoy staging. There are others who think its fun to do large party quest (raids) and get good experience at the same time. While others sacrifice that that fun time to get more experience because they know that they will be happier with the end results.

You're like those people in real life who wants to enjoy life and do casual in school. When someone who is a nerd and studies all the time instead of living life the way you do, you make fun of him. But in the end, who will win? The nerd because he will be more well off than you will. Which is why I let people yeti all they want. I don't have the stamina to bare the boringness of doing it and that is my own lost.
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