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Originally Posted by Gaiety
Your opponent didn't even have Flying Fang to reset height to keep AASSing for a one-combo kill. You did about 1/3 to 1/2 of your opponent's HP in one combo from :15 to :20.

Equally broken = balanced zomg!!!11
Without lag you can easily do AASS hd 3-5x without pickups. Which she did in some fights. For all of my hp.

Thats like saying a Sieg's Nado + Dfist + Whirling Sword Combo should't do a lot of damage. Some combos were meant to do more than just your basic AASS. Combos that takes more skills should do more damage.
Right, why should I have to do AASS FTS <<A CB(1) Blind Fang(c) AASS FTK BS to = the dmg of her one AASS?
It's probably impossible without slips + bombs to infinite enough to do a 1hkocombo. But She could just do a simple AASS AAS sp for all of my hp?