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Originally Posted by Dragonfly
Yes... because that is free. I'm not saying higher level won't have the advantage in free. >_>
And certainly that's fairer for lowbies then?

Originally Posted by Dragonfly
This topic is to debate the idea of the brokenness of balance, not how free works.
I am using a proof by contradiction. Summary of the form:
1. Assume that balance is unfair.
2. If balance is unfair, then free must be fairer than balanced.
3. If free is fairer than balanced, then one level should not matter as significantly in free as it does in balanced.
4. One level can make the difference in free, but not as much in balanced.
5. #3 is contradicted.
6. #2 is contradicted.
7. #1 is contradicted. Thus forcing you to accept the contrary conclusion: Balance is not unfair.

To what extent it is not unfair is something that you may dispute. But given that you already affirmed several of my premises, you have already accepted my conclusion.

Originally Posted by Dragonfly
We all know how free works considering we have been pvping there for the past several months.
Yes, and I'm sure the world is flat given that we have thought it to be flat for over 2500 years. Invalid argument.

Originally Posted by Dragonfly
But we really don't know how balance works because not many people have been playing there. Also that balance isn't really balance because it still takes level and gears into accounts.
But we do know how balanced works given that in the initial days, everyone was in balanced.