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Originally Posted by Godbot3000
Oh ok, an example for GLunia then:

Take the case of a level 58 sieg vs a level 59 sieg. In case you didn't know, 59 is the level at which one can max out d-fist.

Still the same one level of difference. Still the world of difference in free.
Yes... because that is free. I'm not saying higher level won't have the advantage in free. >_>

This topic is to debate the idea of the brokenness of balance, not how free works. We all know how free works considering we have been pvping there for the past several months.

But we really don't know how balance works because not many people have been playing there. Also that balance isn't really balance because it still takes level and gears into accounts.

Originally Posted by Gaiety
Oh noes, a level 2 can do 1/3rd of your HP with one combo!

... wait, you can kill them in one or two combos with all of your skill advantage, huh.

Point moot.
I made a lvl 1X tia before and I killed a lvl 50+ with only 2 skills. If the low level player actually have experience with that character, they can chain really long combos, know how to avoid combos and start them easily.
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