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I don't see how that's relevant. The point is, balanced at least makes an attempt to round out the extreme advantage high levels have over low levels, where as free = auto one hit kill.

I cited level 65+ skills as an example as they show exactly how extreme a difference just one more level makes. A level 69 sieg will probably lose to a level 70 sieg in free, due to the HUGE increase in damage from whirling sword. But in balance the match would be at least somewhat more even (the level 70's whirling would still do more damage, but it isn't a 200 damage difference).

The match I linked is a very good example of this. The level 66 sieg was clearly the better pvper, given that he was able to take his opponent down to 1 life even while having much lower hp and dealing only half the damage. But then I guess I'm wasting my time here. Both of you think that is perfectly fair.