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Jumper is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by TheDopi
Yea I was fighting that same Tia with Jumper. I lost and I was at nearly half speed

Free is usually more fair, at least for determining who should have won if the fighters are near the same level. I find that free isn't all fair when I fight vit built players though, and I lose all three of my lives while only taking 1 of theirs...
No. It was a different one. This one hit 2k with down atk 400s melee.
Only had a +8 wep. I had a +5.

Let's see... Lvl 75 with best equips +15
lvl 4 with +15 weapon.
the lvl 4 would probably be able to 1comboko the 75.

At higher levels it becomes less extreme, but still counts. ex: lvl 60 vs 75. If they both have the same gears, the 60 will probably hit 1.5x more on the 75. It would probably be more fair in free mode honestly...

Balanced is not balanced.