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Originally Posted by ShadowFyren
I usually tell the other person I am lagging in the begining of the match or as soon as I feel it. That way people dont think that Im just making up an excuse for loosing.
Way to tell if a Tia is lagging:

If you can counter their slide with an A attack
If you can dash out of 100% of their slides
If you can dodge/pd/counter their AA*SS
If they ever miss AAS *S*
If they ever miss AASS *FTK*
If they ever miss AASS FTK *wedge*
If they ever miss AASS >> *Fang* (because it reads your fang late and you dash under)
If they ever miss at any point during Slips

^That all happens to me sometimes. If it does I point it out when it happens. X.X