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Originally Posted by Mitchi
Thanks for the advice. I mostly learned to cook with soy because my best friend is a vegetarian and learned to make soy milk because her boyfriend is lactose intolerant. lol

Riceballs are my favorite food in the world, and Nori (seaweed sheets) are a good source of iodine. There's molds you can buy online that let you make them in a snap, and they aren't too hard to make without a mold.


that's pretty much how I make mine, except I sprinkle salt on my hands before getting the rice too keep them from sticking...the hardest part about making them by hand is handling the searing hot rice >_<
Those look AWESOME. What kind of fillings could I put in? I'm thinking ground beef or maybe pieces of chicken. What do you suggest?

Originally Posted by Ronin
Do you have any tips on how to work on a 6pack in the summer season? (i don't go to the gym in summer) My friend told me just doing sit ups regularly will do the trick
What i do is hold 15-25 pounds behind my head and go half way up and i do about 30 of these per day then rest on weekends is this efficient?
EVERYONE has a sixpack already... All you have to do is burn off the fat on top of it so you can see it. This is ALL in your diet, cardio, and training. Take a read at the first post in this thread and read through it. When you're finished, ask questions.

Also there is no such thing as spot reducing, meaning you can't just do sit ups and get a 6-pack. Have you ever seen a guy who has fat everywhere except he's got a 6-pack? Obviously no. This is because fat burning is a whole body process, not just one area.

BTW, if you don't have a 6-pack showing at this point in the summer, it'll be tough to get it before the season's over. That's why I always suggest to start dieting in February or March so you have time to make the right changes.

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