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Default Debaters` Application

Before applying read the Debaters - Everything You Need To Know In One. This will help you understand us better.

Still interested in joining? Apply here with the following information:
1;; Did you read the thread above? :
2;; Your IGN, level, and type :
3;; How active are you? :
4;; Is this your main or mule? :
5;; What's your attitude? :
6;; What's the reason why you're joining us? :
7;; Do you go on MyTrickster a lot? If not, are you willing to go on MT more, especially the Debaters section to be aware on what's going on the guild? :
8;; Have you read and consented to the [GUILD RULES]? :
9;; What guild were you in before? If yes, please tell and state why you left. If it does not apply, put N/A(only if you haven't joined any guild) :

P.S. If this thread is closed, then we're not recruiting at the moment.