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Default tips when fighting a tia

ok, if you are reading this you are playing an eir right? tias get annoying REALLY annoying. i wrote this so some people might have a better idea of how to fight a tia

ok so hint 1 is

when a tia uses slide (>>S) you get stuck inside the chain. usually after the slide, they do a combo such as >>s aass (skill) on average a lv40-50 tia hits 20-35dmg each hit, which is 3 hits for the slide, 2 hits for the first "a" then 3 hits for the other 3 keys. thats about 160-280hp lost! so after she uses slide there is about a 0.05second delay before the next hit hits. you can use dodge to cancel the chain. so >>S - cancel with dodge - if your dodge is lv5 or higher you can turn around and do a combo eg: ">>S"-cancel with dodge- *turn around* aa shift aaaa>>as shout>>as blah blah

hint 2 is

dont use moonbind in the open, only use it if your gonna cancel it, or if its lv4 and your sure its going to hit both times. if you completely miss and didnt cancel it, you can get killed easily

hint 3 is

you know how annoying it is when they knock you down then they hold down S waiting for you to get up and as soon as you get up they let go and you get stunned and b4 u know it your in a combo again? well some ways to get out of this is

1: counterattack (a) then dash backwards to cancel, so then the tia is stuck in that position for like 0.7 seconds (enough time to run to a safe distance)

2: counterattack (a) then use a skill to cancel the animation eg: (A) dodge <cancel> this will cause the tia to dash into the dodge lol i think

last hint is

if you think your going to escape by running away slowly (lol), if you are fighting a really good tia then you might get backstab-ed while u are escaping. dont run away, just try to avoid her melee

thats all folks lol