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Default Brlunia Registration Guide

OK, as i said there is the guide

First go to the registration page, link:

Creating levelup games acc

Creating Lunia acc


The zip code and the phone number need to be correct so google it and steal a real one FTW.
You can use as tags "CEP" and some brazilian city name like: São Paulo, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte.
If you have google earth just go to São Paulo and steal someone adress

After setting the ZIP code check to see if it is correct

Some info

Content - ep6, tia, lime, dacy, (rebirth, yuki and krieg on april)

Avoid english on public chat, some players don't like it (just like the t and j lunians) and if they report to GMs they will IP block like they do in the others games they host.

Some Brazilian slangs

vc = you
blz = ok
vlw = thx
flw = bye
oq? = what?
ajuda = help (so if you see someone saying "me ajuda no 2-10" you know what it is about)
pronto = ready

That is it, have fun

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