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ok vel one simple move here.
if u get hit by 4 lv nado than that sieg who used nado can do at least 3times down attack with d-fist or 4 times down attack right?(might be more or not but let's just say this way)
ok so the tia let sieg do first down attack and got bounce if that sieg just did d-fist at that time my predict move is wrong but if that sieg did one more down attack either with perfcet timing or not u can stand up and do BS right? than that sieg will get stun for 1or 1.5 second and that time already sieg missed another bounce
if the sieg has perfect timing skill with nado, d-fist he would still make D-fist, but u already gave him uncomfortable timing for D-fist so there will be high percntage to miss D- fist. and u already figured out that this is not perfect way to escape 4lv nado there are few more ways to waste that ,but this is one of good one and ppl actually using this often to 4lv sieg nado.
just keep this move in ur mind and try once
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