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Default Tia pvpers

hmm.....felt little sorry to just put sieg and dain's tips

this one hmm..... might be too obvious ,but I'll just post it (there are so many other ways to escape sieg's 4lv nado at wall and this is one of them.)

in pvp one Ch that having painful time with lv 4 nado attack is tia.(dain and eir are fine with it if they really know what to do with that situation.)

if u had chance to watch pro 60 lv sieg VS pro 60 lv tia most of sieg have lv4 nado (I'm talking about this based on KL's small tourney) ,cuz for tia 4lv nado is .... one of picky attack to escape if the sieg really know how to use it.

ok I'll simply explain it

when sieg used 4lv nado to tia at wall.
99% sure that sieg will do down attack to reset the damage or thundersound first or etc

let's say sieg did down attack for reset the damage than there will be three situations for tia
1-sieg did down attack too fast so tia could able to stay still lay down
2-sieg did down attack with perfect timing so tia got hit (tia automatically have to stand up or with standing attack)
3-sieg did down attack too slow so tia could able to stand up with standing attack before another down attack coming.

maybe I wrote useless words too much .... (seems ppl don't wanna read.... T.T)
when sieg did down attack I'm 99.99999999% sure that they will do back dash to cancle the sieg's down attack motion faster. Now u guys all predicted what i'm going to say ....

"one perfect timing for tia's field back stab"
all u have to watch out is sieg's back dash timing. even u were on situation #2 u still can back stab it back to them but on #2 situation u'll need few more practice to get use to it cuz, when u predicted that u are going to get hit by down attack than u have to press a quickly and cancle that movement with back stab right away. sounds easy but it will be hard when u actually try during the pvp.

there are so many ways to upgrade this movement but.... I think this is enough to start get some more new ideas

sorry Tias I can't think of anything better than this for now T.T I'll searching it more!!!!
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