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Originally Posted by lazybum
Yeah i do see some "high lvled" people with high pvp level that only know how to spam and run. Pvped some of them before. I believe its either because they always play those team pvps with the rest of the newbies to gain pvp lvl, or because they farm each other for pvp lvl.

But like what Ingrid says, there are really some crazy freaks around. Those people are beyond being able to do good combos. They're really good at improvising and are really flexible. Seen a lot of creative stuff from them. Maybe you seldom see them cause some of the good pvpers are old players and only log in once in a while for a few rounds of pvp.

Maybe ill post a few names sometime so that you can find and watch them. Do note them most of them are pvping for fun so you seldom see high damaging comboes. They like to try fancy stuff instead of playing to win.

And yeah they're taiwanese. Or at least those whom ive spoken to are.

Btw if you want to see better pvps i suggest you go find those with 1v1s with many people watching. They are USUALLY more decent players. And do note the time zone too. I doubt you'll find good pvp matches at midnight taiwanese time.

Here are two names that i have now. If they're online pvping i suggest you take a peek. Theyre both dainns.

頑皮枯枯 - if im not wrong this guy is known as jin duan and has several other characters. Not sure about the names of the other characters though. I haven't watched him play for quite some time so not sure about how his standard is now.

心空乂神月 - pretty awesome guy. But he hardly logs on. I suspect hes an old player that logs in once in a while to pvp.

Most of the time these 2 don't use much spells. I never saw them use bcb, fire orb, fdh, icicle rain, ice arrow(xcept for cancelling) and such before. They like to do long comboes with melees and stuff like that. And they continue doing that even when theyre losing to people who play hard. Great sport those two are ^^

Btw just logged on to watch a few pvp matches and noticed the increasing number of high pvp lvl players who are only but mediocre. Not too sure why though. Maybe the good old peeps are quitting T.T
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i'm assuming they played dain vs dain that's y they dont use those skills.