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Originally Posted by flsg
for me:
newb=new people, nothing bad
pros=people who are good at pvp, dontl ose often, win most of the time
noob=people who lose and don't admit it and insult you back

it is very easy to spam, but if you really wanna become pro at spamming it's super hard >_<(maybe harder than combos and stuff). I just can't and don't want to waste time analyzing each single step and every single attack and the next 3 steps
i agree wit this
also i usually start a match saying absolutely nothing unless the other person says somthing
then i say gl hf
coz to me saying gl hf implies psychologically that you intend to win and you know it
well maybe cuz im just competitive but thats my view of it
so i dont say anything just incase people think im being as stuckup bish

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