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Default Noobs? Pros?

Two questions I wanna bring it up do u judge a pvp player to pro or noob(beginer good way to put)

2.Do u guys think spammer is bad? ( for me it's just one of styles in lunia pvp and one huge wall that i have to jump over )

after lose or win just accept it even it was laggy for u or spike or someother reason
alot of ppl saying laggy lag~~~~~~~ggggggggg spikkkkkkkeeee I can beat u if I'm not laggy
( so do i -_-?) if it was laggy match than the other person should be experiencing lag too if it's not coming from ur computer.(if it's cuzing by ur computer ur fault -__- who do u blame?)
(yep ur computer!!! good answer)^^

we can't get 100% FAIR pvp every single time sometimes it's unfair for u sometimes it's unfair for them just have fun with that situation u 'll get something experience? or more

I usually don't say noob but those of u who I wanna call noobs (chatting alot during the pvp,
laggy all the time, saying f word to them if u lose,)

those of u who i wanna call pros (start with saying HI!!^^ G_G , gg GG , making fun by pvp
mannerful attitude,) even they have little low pvp skills I wanna call them pro pvpers.

answer me two questions plz^^
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