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Thanks again for all the positive feedback on the guide. Bump for update on version 0.3

v0.3 Updates include
-Fixed some typo errors in the guide
-Modified the Introduction a little to reflect a more complete guide
-Added a “Surviving Electroshock” to “General Tips and Tricks”
-Added an “Increasing Survivability” to “General Tips and Tricks”
-Added some advice for Power Types in this guide
-Added “HV Charms” to “Class Specific Tips”
-Acknowledgements for Mysteria, Ildanachm, Andrus, anieve, xKakashi

[EDIT]I don't suppose there's a way to change the title of the thread, is there? It's not really v0.1 anymore, and the forum keeps listing it as such, despite my edits. Do I need to make another thread? [/EDIT]

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