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hey its me again. I havent played twlunia for a while cause i had to study for AP classes. and some my computer is messed up too. ok theres a problem i had the last time playing tlunia. when i click on party list the game just exits. idk why it does that.

because of some computer problems i had to delete restore my computer. erasing all files that i use to have. T_T so im redownloading tlunia

Maybe ill go on tlunia in 2 hours. and do some serious lvling up. haha. heres another question: wat if i type with simplified chinese? is that a good idea or not. i kinda understand some chinese phrases. well i gotta say thanks to crazyhealer for inviting me to the guild. idk if im still in there cause i havent been on. and thanks lazybum for creating the guild and responding to my messages. i hope my tlunia account and pass still work. GLunia is kinda boring now so i might play tlunia more and also Glunia is moving from 12foottall to ijji. i hope to see u all in tlunia soon. well imma just log in to check if my account still works and play for like 30 min. then off to bed zzz