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Originally Posted by VorpalBunny
At least he got a prize. I expected a GM mycamp doll or something when I hit 300. Or a mini Spicy Dragon doll when I clocked in 1,000 seals. Since then, my expectations of the GM team have declined steadily. Where the hell are my Maid Minnie camp sets? But this thread isn't about small prizes, or the lack thereof.

Congratulations on 400 Inno

Oh hit 300 just after the 3x boosters came out...that was a piece of cake really....reaching 400 is a completely different achievement.

And as for the prize...yeah...maybe the GMs figured that they gotta throw the dog, or dogs, some bones you know (hell you gotta admit that its very probable that 2 people grinded the account...if he did it by himself...thats just crazy lol) because being the first lvl 400 is a really hard thing to achieve.

Although it would have been nice if they gave Renton a unique prize item rather than just a Intern Loki pet(they already gave one out a long time ago)

Congrats Renton.