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Originally Posted by k0n
Oh, lol. My conversions are wrong then.

After a second read, how would one schedule a 6-8 course meal a day?
Eat every 2.5 to 4 hours. After a day or two, if you are eating the right combinations of food, you WILL be hungry since your metabolism will be revving like crazy.

Originally Posted by Mitchi
Been reading the thread and It ade me remember that i've been trying to get in shape and help my room mate lose weight (he's a biiiig boy).

I have a couple of questions for ya.

As far as protein sources go, how would you rate soy? I use it a lot for cooking (Tofu, Soymilk, Okara, ect.) and everything i've read on it shows that it's really good for protein and iron. That and I love the taste :3

I have fairly bad scoliosis and poor leg circulation and it's hard for me for me to actually exercise sometime because it simply hurts too much. Got any tips for what exercises I can do? Other than swimming of course.

Also, the eating every 3 hours of so isn't very plausible for me on my work days o-o

Oh, and as an added note (mostly personal opinion as a cook), It seems like Onigiri (riceballs) would be excellent for the meals if someone is on the go. They travel well and are easy to eat, easier than a sandwich if they're made right. Plus, they can actually have a higher Rice to meat ratio than just rice and meat, without the rice tasting all bleh.

(invests in a Bento)
Awesome you're trying to get your roommate in shape. The biggest challenge for me when I try to help someone is realizing that some people don't care about being in shape as much as I do lol.

Soy is a good source of protein. However, it IS a plant protein therefore it lacks some essential amino acids that meats and fish have. It's okay to have, but make sure you get protein from a variety of sources.

I work also up to 9-10 hours daily. By law you must have the opportunity to have two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute break for every 8 hours you work. You're also supposed to have breaks working over 6 hours as well, I'm not sure the exact law on that one. Also... it takes 30 seconds to down a protein + oatmeal shake, so a quick trip to the bathroom can be a meal (lol that sounds disgusting).

I don't really know much about those rice balls... but they sound delicious lol. That's definitely something I'd like to try out since it seems so convenient (convenience is always nice ).