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Originally Posted by Lunar
ah.. u know wut u should add.
in team tournament.. the apple signifies grace period.
after taking apple allow 3 secs before starting attack
it are the rule in klunia and me likes it
I totally forgot to ask some questions about this. I added it just now, and there are other things needed to be said. In these three seconds they're taking the apple, are they allowed to S charge, sacrifice, etc... I would assume no, but I'm curious what kLunia does, and do they enter the arena then wait, or do they wait the entire apple time off before entering the stage to signify the start of the fight.

Originally Posted by ZephyrX
Though what about the usage of Ice Barrier?

Surely Ice Barrier on a corner means death (not very nice). Or the usage of Ice Barrier near a Wall to create a perfect defense against melee attacks with only 2 openings. Should these techniques also be banned?
I would say these techniques shouldn't be banned because it's not like they're perfect. Using a wall to perfect defense against melee would also mean the Dainn is crippling themselves in movement to dodge spells. For example, with an Eir you can seal off the other end with magic barrier then they're really screwed. Pretty much any class can abuse it in similar methods.

The perfect ice wall technique can be beat pretty easily too. I've yet to learn Tia well, but if Riceburner says it can be done quite quick and easily, I'll take his word for it as he's like the epitome of Tia knowledge.
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