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Default RareSumo's jLunia Start-up Guide

RareSumo's All-In-One jLunia Starting Guide

Step 1: Getting the jLunia Client
You can find the jLunia client here. If you can't download something from a direct link, there's not much help for you.

Step 2: Registering for jLunia
Head over to the jLunia Registration Page and get registered. I'm trying to keep this guide fairly graphics-free, so I'll just tell you what to put.

Nexon ID: Put your log-in name here. Click the box next to it.
Forum ID: Put the same thing here, or something random. Click the box.
Password: >_> Duh?
Password Confirmation: Put your password again.
Gender: Male is on the left, Female is on the right.
State: Pick the last one (沖縄県). This is Okinawa.
Last Name/First Name:
Last Name/First Name:
--Ok. If you're a guy, put this:
山田 太郎
山田 太郎
In the 4 boxes. If you're female, put this:
山田 花子
山田 花子
E-mail: Put your e-mail, hit the button again.
E-mail Confirmation: Just put your e-mail again.
Phone: 098-####-#### .. just put any numbers. It's important that you put 098 in the first box if you chose Okinawa as your location.
E-mail Updates: Default is no.. so don't bother. Left button will make them spam you IN JAPANESE. If you really want that, change this.
Birthday: Format is YYYY/MM/DD. If you were born January 2nd, 2008.. you would type 2008 | 01 | 02.
Secret Question: Pick anything here..
Secret Q Answer: Put anything, it can be in English.
At the bottom: Hit the RIGHT button out of the two under their ToS. Check your e-mail and click the FIRST link of the two inside it to confirm.

Step 3: Making sure your computer has Japanese selected for Non-Unicode characters.
I won't lie, I used this guide... and you should either do the same or google it, or go to Microsoft's website, ask a friend, something. If you get stuck on this, add raresumo[at]hotmail[dot]com on MSN and let me know that you're having trouble and I'll do it over remote access. I just can't describe how it's done well enough.

Step 4: Installing jLunia.
Double click the installer. Anything that has (N) at the end is a Next button. Any time you see 2 buttons, the left is OK and the right is Cancel. You may end up closing it a few times, but just keep trying. Eventually you'll get it.

Step 5: Making it 95% English

Step 6: Playing jLunia!
Run the program and load up jLunia. Make a new character, and play. My character is a Yuki named BlinksOfGrandeur and my home square is 10. Don't be afraid to whisper me in-game.. and it's rude to speak English publically in their server, so please don't ruin it for the rest of us by doing so. Keep it to PMs.

Step 7: Meet up with English-Speakers
Post your in-game name, level, and class over at the MyLunia jLunia Directory to meet up with other English speakers on the server. If you're not a member of MyLunia already, I highly suggest you register and take a look around.

I'm going to post this on some other fan sites. Any comments/questions/concerns/suggestions/etc?

Useful Links
jLunia Client Download
jLunia Registration Page
Changing your locale to Japanese (Lets you see Japanese characters)
Picture Guide to jLunia registration

Gaiety: Botproof'd your e-mail, added a few useful links, and sticky'd.

BlinksOfGrandeur: 3x Yuki [ACTIVE]
RareSumo: 3x Dacy [RETIRED..ish.]
iDunHealNaabs: 41 Eir [RETIRED]
1x Sieg, 2x Dainn, and 1x Tia.. [RETIRED]

Want to play without paying for Raids? Want to play as Lime, Dacy, Krieg, and Yuki (free)? Want to play Ep5? Come to jLunia. PM me with questions.. Some helpful links: [Download] [Registration Page] [Registration Guide] [Enable JP on your PC] [Basic JP Phrases] [All-In-One Guide]