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Originally Posted by john
I suppose having to mix pentagon light and space bar combos isn't so bad.

By space bar combo I'm going to assume you mean ending with a space bar? If not you have to throw a spirit so that as soon as you space the enemy, spirit picked them up.

Personally I would have to adopt my playing style, but it should be fine lol.

Eir's get a guaranteed space bar when they space in place of AAAA during their infi combo.

For example, for a max of 11 hits,

AASAAAA hd AAAA hd space.

The second halfdash would have to be fast. On second thought, you might not even have to halfdash since space cancels the dash anyway so you'd just dash up to wherever the enemy is and blam.

Or an easier one

AS shift space

the shift is there since the timing is easier since its the space as AS shift AAAA

Also, its not as if Pentagon Light is hard to dodge >_>

If Dainn recharges even once and you rush in but fail to prevent S charge, you'll get hit in the face with dragon. Eirs have a disadvantage in that they can't punish you for charging in without sufficient time.

Mana regen is easy against Tias in my experience. Cast a barrier and hide in/around it and play tag with your opponent lol. This is harder to pull off against other classes (siegs can voke/nado/cms, dainns can dragon/AoE, eirs can holy spirit, but tias don't got nothing I think)

I actually have no idea how to fix it, I'm kind of willing to try how space bar and pentagon light will last me in regen games.
I was hoping that Pentagon light to space bar would work too =]

Other than that, Pentagon light game is really fun. You throw in a mix of canceling pentagon light by dashing or doing SS space to backslide when they think you'll fire off or add another S or even add another S to adjust to their positioning. I haven't gotten that good at it yet, but I don't get caught so easily after pentagon light.
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