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Originally Posted by Gaiety
I'm the only Dainn who uses spacebar combos as far as I know >_>;

Another thing to note: Ice Arrow (15 mp at level 1) to get a recharge

So in this case, Dainn is much more able to regen mana, even when under the amount for Fire Orb. I'd say Eir's melee limit should definitely get bumped up for balance purposes.
Yeah, you are the only Dainn I see with spacebar combos, but other classes (primarily Tia and Sieg) use them too (regardless of mana actually =P but frequency does go up with lower mana)

It is true that Ice Arrow at level one does give a possibility to recharge, but chances are that if they spot you low on mana, you won't get a chance to pull that ice arrow off as they'll be on your butt all the time trying to hack you down.

It is common to pull a fire orb and recharge mana when under a fire orb, and it is possible for an Eir to pull off an HS sacrifice and get mana back easily too. Although it's at a higher risk if the eir fails to maintain decent HP levels with heal.

Dainn recharges by forcing opponents to run so they can S charge. Eir's can force an opponent to run with Pentagon to recharge.

I gain about 100 mp back each pentagon light session, and it's not so long at all. Come to think of it, it's quite possible for my Eir to never run out of mana, and still hold a decent fun battle.

If there are a bunch of others who think it's needed for mana, I'll tweak.

Originally Posted by LuCkY
I will just state the skills that people with manners
sieg: magic defence
Eir: heal
Dainn: heart
Tia: hide
well got from *coughkoreancoughsitecough(
+ not using higher lvl skill to lower lvl ppl
These points are actually too controversial. I appreciate pointing it out, but there are a few reasons I don't want to make them solid rules.

1. Some lower level people like learning how to counter those things early on, and like to fight head on against the best ways to use those skills.

2. Some lower levels consider it looking down on them to restrict skills.

Because of these two reasons (there is probably more than my dead brain can't think of at this hour), I'll leave it up to each player's choice whether or not to use the skills. I think what I will do is to make a note in my guide about this sometime tomorrow after my tests >_>
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