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Originally Posted by john
Yea you'll need a flawless shift to hit an AAS AAAA shift AAAA and then after that repositioning is a butt.

AAS AAAA shift AA dash AS is usually safer but doing another dash AS is hazardous.

However with halfdashes AAS AAAA hd AAAA dash AS is ezpz.

Also you shouldn't need to shift after AASAAAA anyway since that's the ideal height and position you want the opponent to be. Two dash AS's should bring you close enough, if you need more, eirs can do dash AS shout dash AS instead, effectively resetting the count.

Eir's main problem is that she's dependant on her infi combo (after you can spam all the spells you can spam) for mana regen to do its job. As you know her infi doesn't require skills so you're pretty much crippling Eirs if you stick to the 11 hit combo.

Also, if I freeze someone while they're in the air, do the hits still count?
Heh, creative situation. IDK, under these rules, they would count. I'm a bit sketchy on whether or not to count them. It would hardly give Eirs an edge, and they pretty much need it, so I don't see a problem with it. What do you think?

AAS AAAA AA dash AS HS (into wall)- cancel AA shift AAAA HD AA dash AS shout hd AAAA AAAA dash AS holy spirit (i wonder if it's back).

IDK if this combo works, but if it does, it should make a long enough combo to mana regen under the condition HS is level 1. If it's not level 1, you would have to stick with pure melee combos that are okay length. Dainn has the same problem with melee regen really. You cycle pillar and hand, and once they're on cd you spam AAS, space bar combos, or run for your life. But the whole point of this is to cut out infinite so it works. In mana regen games, generally you die before you get enough to do intense damage. However, for Eir you can't really do space bar combos that work with high chance without using high level dodge...or maybe there are ways hrmm... I need to test it. If it works, but Eirs with low mana normally pentagon light, so it's not like I'm crippling their regen abilities, but their ability to do damage is slightly more crippled with no mana until someone comes up with some space bar combos.

What do you propose in order to fix it?

Originally Posted by Mengjun
Hm that just revived a question inside me: What are the Korean tourney rules? I suppose that if TFT is organizing a 1v1 tourney (note the "if" >.>), it's likely going to be the same ruleset. So why don't we just use those?
I don't think anyone knows what the exact rules are, and if they do know it, it's a bit too comprehensive to type out or explain because their English isn't too great (Iiru, even though he's gone =/) That's why I'm making a separate rule set that would work in place of would kL thought up.

I'm also pretty sure that TFT has no intentions of learning what the kL rule sets are. The last tournament they held had pretty lame rules. It seemed apparent they didn't bother looking up any of the ML PvP stuff.
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