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Originally Posted by flsg
I tried the chinese one, it says that he broke a rule of his internet service provider(about hiding an ad) and must close the skill calculator forever ;_;
Thats not what he said.

He said that 'hinet' of which offers him the free space to place that skill calculator on, kept forcing loads and loads of ads to that skill calculator page. Which pop up ads and everything, it made his skill calculator page look like it was some kind of virus/unsafe page. He said that he tried to use (scripts?) or something to hide them and disable them or something, but hinet kept forcing and adding more and more. He said that he can't take it anymore and don't feel that hinet was being reasonable with the amount of ads. He said that he understood that the ads were necessary since the space was a free offer, but he felt that the number of ads, and the way that they were shown were too much, that it made his page looked like just a very unsafe page to visit overall. He does not wish that. So he is no longer going to use hinet.

He didn't mention anything else, or whether or not if he was going to put up the skill calculator somewhere else.. =/