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Raja has a spectacular aura aboutRaja has a spectacular aura about

Actually, I didn't see them so much as 'evil eyes' as the ones with eyeshadow. I went with it due to the touch of blue eyeshadow over them that went with the slight blue highlights in the rest of the outfit. 9.9 Accessorizing?

But thank you. ^^ I'm glad they didn't turn out too poorly, maybe I'll try out some other things for the mage's eyes.

And oh god the DESU. I love saying desu around my friend cause she always gives me 'Let me tell you about the story of the girl who cried desu' each time. 9.9 And this is RL we're talking about.

Edit: Eee~! I really like the green wind spirit-ish look. Very naturalistic about it. Though that top makes the boobs look like... wow huge? I dunno. But I really like the tribal/natural feel. .-.