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Originally Posted by k0n
Actually it is the environmentalist that's preventing anyone from drill in Alaska (even the ones that aren't in Alaska... wtf?). I'm actually for drilling seeing that if we ever want to create a new source of energy. How are we going to fund every thing else that uses natural gas as of today? By then, we won't have anything to fund the research.
I'm amazed by that, especially since no one has said environmentalists support terrorism by keeping us dependent on foreign oil to the middle east. One would think that'd get the public backing drilling in the Alaska.

Those environmentalists could also just fix that by finding a way to make shale oil mining efficient, then we could kill a lot of that dependency. However, they don't care, and rather prevent oil drills somehow thinking that'll prevent catastrophes. It is more likely that wars will happen over oil when it gets worse, then the earth will be polluted to hell.