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so when your opponent finally ends a combo, you are either dead or downed. This is a guide on what to do under these circumstances. Many people think that being downed is too predictable and will just get caught in another combo. I will attempt to teach some ways to make use of this time and suprise attacks you can make.

When you are downed you have an option of dashing, standing, or attacking.

this is pressing your dash as soon as you get hit down. if you do it too late, you will just stand up and let your opponent juggle you again. use this special tactic to dash towards your opponent and start chaining them before they know what hit them. or you can dash away to charge mp or play some more mind games

Attacking is a common tactic when downed. Press the A button and you start an attack animation. If your opponent is unlucky enough to get caught, they get into a downed position also while you can run away. You can also dash before the actual attack or during to make a quicker escape if your opponent is just waiting for you to get up. You are VERY vulnerable if you don't dash because you have a little bit of lag time after the attack.

Standing is the most common way new players get out of the downed position. it is by far the easiest way to combo them again because there are little to no invincibility frames and they can not move until the animation is over. This is achieved by either pressing S or and arrow key after some time after being downed. While this does not seem very good, pressing S gives the animation of standing but can immediately followed by A for a delayed pick-up attack. This can be used against people who just charge right into a downed person. the standing animation here has a couple invincibility frames couple with the attacking frames of the pick-up attack. Very useful in my opinion


Timing is everything. make sure you know when you can do what moves. pressing A before you're actually on the ground can make you start the attack earlier.

Watch out for Dainns, their pick-up attack has crazy range and so does their recovery dash

Most classes are trouble, NEVER stand in front of one. Most of them do not use any of the tactics above and have a special skill to use their spells as soon as they stand up. Dainns are the exception (thanks Xpecial)

For all classes except for Dainn and maybe Lime, they can answer their "A" get-up animation with a backdash (dashing backwards).(thanks Xpecial)

All classes except for Dainns can cancel their "A" get-up animation with a skill.(thanks Xpecial)

tia is the worst at wake-ups. Her A attack is super slow, has a crappy range and a long delay after. use A SCA or A shuriken cancel (thanks flsg)

Dainns can combo from the pick-up attack when near a wall, in front, or behind of him. (thanks Samal)

Thanks to

any tips to help change this would be welcome