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Originally Posted by riceburner4540
Something T.T

What do you want people to say? Looks like you spent a lot of time on it but pretty much everything detailed in the guide should be second nature to people who PvP regularly. Your guide deals with the simplest of mind games. If your opponent has any semblance of skill, much of this would be obsolete.
Ouch that hurts. (the simple mind games hurt the most )
oh well, I'm used to it since you said this is second nature, I'll try to make an advance guide vs pro sieg/maybe tias but if this new guide sucks, don't blame me (note: this new guide would be based on the information I get from battling some pro siegs and spying on them (btw I'll tell you in the room if I am spying or not.) Maybe this new guide will be up in another few days/weeks. Wish me luck! Btw If you think I am trying to make an enemy outta you, i'm not, I'm too chicken to do so ) (IM PROUD OF BEING WEAK <3) Tanks btw for inspiring me to make a new guide.