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Originally Posted by Kirikaze
Beautifully done ^^

"Castle the King" (which is actually call castling btw) and "The lure"s image seems to be quite confusing IMO, maybe you can work a bit on that. "The waiting" is a simple chess concept that, it is often to your advantage to control the centre area of the board, so you piece is in a more flexible position than your oppnent. Hope that helps.

Also consider adding how skills might come into play (i.e. shock traps, moon fog, etc)

Good job, keep it up (>_o)b
Ty for the word, I'll update it now.

And this is why I said " this guide is for beginners and middle class players and the word "BASIC" in the title" xD. I could even write another guide just for "Rooking" and "Queening" by using things like Shock Trap or Nados to your enemies. (On second thought, I think I will make a guide later on on these things. It depends on my mood and time too. If I am too lazy, I wouldn't make it)

OK, I'll try to explain "The Lure" or aka 'The Bishop' if you don't get it. Basically it is just to lure your opponent to the place where you are standing. For example, a tia that slides always goes to your area and aass you. The trick is to act like you're about to be slide into and when shes about to slide you do what the red arrows tell you to do which means to dash out of the way and turn around to the tia and start your combo. This is almost like doing healer's "Dodge" skill and turn around to start aas, this tactic is you move on you're own and making the enemy at the location of where you were standing. I can't put another circle on the place you were standing because it would make the grey and the black circles mix together and make the picture more confusing. ( I going to copy and paste what I just said to the lure section .