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Originally Posted by LuCkY
I am very impressed =O (hi beauti^^)
however i don't agree with "the box" if AFKer has 0hp and.. he is afk. i would rather sacrifice them so i can get them in combo =O
(HI ABUSER) Lol that is why I first put at the top of the picture, "example of a situation" on top of it xD This is just an example of how to 'control' you're opponent, I had some troubles thinking of a reason to control your enemies. At first there was no afker but I had to think of a reason why the runner is on-the-move. (Btw this took me 6 hrs to finish (I did it all in Microsoft Word and then I copied and paste ) "The box" or "The Queen" isn't really about "protecting the afker", I rather use him as a homing human shield , I am just trying to explain why and how handy "The Queen" is.