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In my opinion, Lire barely even needs any combos to succeed, even if the person that Lire is up against is one of the best PvP-ers, I've seen people who were ranked in the Monthly 10 get beaten by Lires shooting arrows and running away bawwing. I wouldn't mind Lires so much if they didn't complain about regular hits. "Omg, stop hitting me with your glaive, you noob." "Omg, Elesis is so cheap, you don't even need any skill."
And pressing Z+Up repeatedly requires skill?

Or maybe I'm just angry that I got noobed by a threesome of Lires, the world will never know.

DK Offence:
Have a full mp bar, use Infinite Sword to knock the enemy up, while the attack is being executed charge up to second to use Spell the Rune. If you can time it right, you can catch the enemy in the middle of the bubble and push them all the way back. After that skill is done, grab them and they should be dead.
If not, slap them a couple of times.