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Originally Posted by WolfDeity
Hell, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to chain that Meteor after Ice Rain. *has lv. 3 Pillar and regrets it*.

Is there ANYTHING I could do to get it right? I've tried waiting a little bit after dash AS then using Pillar (countless times), but I can't get the height quite right x.x.
The best thing I can say is rather than waiting on the height before pillar, time it to Pillar->IR interval instead. It should also be noted that pvp, a normal aa dash as pillar IR meteor will get meteor damage down to 90 ish (it gets 1 hit without corner/wall, but it's 2-3 hits if you do). [ I have both level 1 and level 2 pillar on my chars ]

Alternatively just try aa dash as ice dragon meteor, this will take out much of the waiting equation, requiring you to be fast and launch meteor as soon as the ice dragon animation comes out.