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Default Klunia 5/29 Update

If you want more specific translations of other sections other than skill changes, request on the thread

1. Major Revision to Hunting Field Stages (ie Peak of Icecap)

Peak of Icecap: Lowered minimum level and moved to 2H
Eliminated one of the 4H stages (it seems like not Confusion Swamp, but the other one)

You can get licenses to enter by beating the previous episode boss. (ie to enter Icecap, beat 1-10H)
Lowered maximum players from 8 to 4.
Lapping the stage will increase monster levels.
Added probability of finding a mouse that if you catch it, it opens up a warp to an event room that might have reagents or monsters.
Removed all NPCs in these stages.
Increased monster experience in these stages to make leveling feasible.

2. Added fishing system
3. Added episode chatting system
4. Able for whole parties to move to square from stage
5. Able to invite people directly into stage (doesn't work if no one can enter the stage anymore)
6. Gamepad support
7. Eir changes (aka the good stuff)

SSSSS attack
Increased maximum range? from 10 to 20
Increased minimum range? from 10 to 11

Down attack
Able to do in rapid succession by canceling?

Sunlight of Healing
Dash cancelable

Bead of Healing
Duration increased from 4 sec to 6 sec

Increased range from 30 to 40

Moonlight Chain
The projectiles pass through enemies instead of dissappearing on contact
Minimum range? increased from 4 to 5
(Possible to hit more than one enemy if they are far enough apart on a line)

Sacred Wave
EDIT: Sacred Wave now knocksdown (juggleable after?)
Dash cancelable 1 sec after casting?
Changed so that it only lifts 20 per hit from 30?

Moon Bind
Able to dash cancelable in any direction when you can dash cancel it
EDIT: Able to dash cancel anytime

8. Episode 6 quest
9. Added Lime Set Bonus
10. Changes to Yeti's cave
11. Changes to experience display

Bug fixes